Open an energy bank in your garden, enjoy the comfort and pleasure of GSHP!
Energy isn't created, but in the circle!
The geothermal heat pump system is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving comfortable system which can be used for heating and cooling.
The common ground source heat pump system is the heat conduction of the soil through the water, which is buried in the underground closed pipeline. Due to the constant temperature characteristic of the soil which is warm in winter and cool in summer, the heat dissipation of the cooling in summer and the heat absorption of the heating in winter are more easy. The equivalent, in the summer, the indoor heat is taken out, released into the soil; in the winter, and then the heat is taken out from the soil for the supply of indoor heating; Utilizing the heat storage cold speciality of soil, the energy is transferred circularly between summer and winter.
Whether residential, commercial, factory, ground source heat pump to provide energy saving and comfortable everywhere.
DFUN prefer geothermal heat source heat pump system,supply energy saving, healthy, and comfort lifestyle by green energy.